Complete benefits of App9

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Complete benefits of App9

9Apps is high in use from a long time to download games and applications. There are millions of active users downloading application from this app and the reason behind popularity is UI and ease of use. If you have been using android’s Google app store and haven’t heard about this app then it is the time to pay concern. There are lots of benefits offered by it and you can try it out and get rid of all the issues with ease. This app market is also known as App9 and you can also use it to get enormous number of benefits.



Access Banned Apps

All the apps that are offering premium content free are banned by Google Play store; even there are many applications that can help you get Facebook, Instagram likes and many more. So these apps can’t be accesses on the given app store but the 9Apps comes handy here and you can get rid of all the issues by using it. There are lots of people getting the benefit and the main benefit is, you don’t have to pay single penny. However, if you want to get the benefits of this thing then you have to disable the Google Play Store otherwise those app will be deleted automatically.

Pause And Resume Option

With the pause and resume option, you can get rid of the issue of speed. Yes, many times you can find less internet speed. In such situations, the Google play store stops downloading the app or game and you have to start again. But, if you are using app9 then there is nothing to worry about. Just start downloading an app in slow internet connection or you can try out pausing the app if the connection is lost. Whenever, the internet connection will be available the app will be resumed automatically.

It doesn’t seem worthy sometimes but if you are going to acquire apps or games having the size more than 1GB then you can face issues that are why it is better to avoid those things. Even you can rely on this method when downloading large games. It ease up almost every single thing and you also tackle to less issues.

No Account Required

In order to use Google Play Store, you need to use Gmail account but this isn’t the issue with 9Apps. You can download it from the official website and get started with the downloading of other apps. There is no need of getting the heavy Google Updates because if you don’t add an id then no updates will be available for those apps and won’t clog up the storage.

Get The Apk File

The last and most loved benefit is regarding the download of APK. You can get the apk file and it can be shared with Bluetooth and other sharing methods. Even you can uninstall an app for now and install later from the apk. It makes the app9 advantageous among users and you can get many more benefits.